QUEX S Utan modul



Imagine a smarter way of doing relaxing and energy visualization. That’s what QUEX S is all about. Smartly enhancing your workflow. Taking energetic, close-up and overview rendering. Providing intelligent and augmented insights. While remaining uniquely affordable, accessible and modular expandable. QUEX S® is ingeniously designed to expand your expertise.

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Viktigt :

  • Alla priser på är i Euro, exklusive moms.
  • Gratis frakt.
  • Du kommer inte att bli debiterad när du lägger din order.
  • Varan skickas efter mottagen betalning.
  • Betalning till bankgiro eller banköverföring vid betalning från utlandet.
  • När vi har mottagit din order så omräknar vi beloppet till din valuta och lägger till motsvarande moms för ditt land.
  • Valutaomräkningen är baserad på dagens Eurokurs.
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  • Efter omräkning av valuta och pålagd moms så skickas en faktura med betalningsinformation.

Features : 

  • Standard Omnis® software and standard report included powering the world’s most known holistic knowledge insights
  • Combining the best of energetic and relaxing visualization in one flexible, modular expandable device
  • Enhancing your workflow and augmenting your expertise with targeted information
  • Allowing efficient mapping of energetic deviations in different graphics and display modes, making documentation and follow-up smoother and smarter.
  • Affordable and accessible, unmatched in the industry

Hardware : 

  • QUEX S® device: For detailed specifications, please consult www.qxworld.eu
  • QUEX S® Head link
  • QUEX S® Limb harnesses
  • QUEX S® Test Plate (Integrated)
  • USB 3.0 Connecting cable
  • Flash drive with Software and Manuals
  • Pen
  • 2 years warranty for the device
  • 6-month warranty for the harnesses

Software :

  • Omnis® Operating Software with
  • QX Subspace® app
  • Smart Report included
  • Installation manual downloadable on www.qxworld.eu
  • Continuous updates of the OMNIS® software
  • 3 computer licenses (allows for activation on 3 computers)
  • Free technical support

Education : 

  • Grundkurs ingår ej och kostar 700 Euro.