Imagine the ultimate way of doing relaxing and energy visualization. That’s what QUEX ED is all about. Smartly enhancing your workflow. Taking energetic, close-up and overview rendering. Providing intelligent and augmented insights. Fully equipped with the most comprehensive and interconnecting holistic health knowledge software in the market.

QUEX ED is ingeniously designed to expand your expertise, unprecedented in the industry.

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Viktigt :

  • Alla priser på är i Euro, exklusive moms.
  • Gratis frakt.
  • Du kommer inte att bli debiterad när du lägger din order.
  • Varan skickas efter mottagen betalning.
  • Betalning till bankgiro eller banköverföring vid betalning från utlandet.
  • När vi har mottagit din order så omräknar vi beloppet till din valuta och lägger till motsvarande moms för ditt land.
  • Valutaomräkningen är baserad på dagens Eurokurs.
  • Efter omräkning av valuta och pålagd moms så skickas en faktura med betalningsinformation.

Features : 

  • Combine relaxing and energy visualisation on one workstation.
  • The most comprehensive and interconnecting/Holistic health knowledge software in the market.
  • Smoother sessions for clients & therapists to see more clients per day.
  • Meet the highest standard in energetic training

Hardware : 

  • QUEX ED® device: For detailed specifications, please consult www.qxworld.eu
  • QUEX ED® Head link
  • QUEX ED® Limb links
  • QUEX ED® Test Plate
  • USB 3.0 Connecting cable
  • Flash drive with Software and Manuals
  • Pen
  • 2 years warranty for the device
  • 6-month warranty for the harnesses

Software : 

  • QX Subspace® app
  • Installation manual downloadable on www.qxworld.eu
  • Continuous updates of the OMNIS® software
  • All modules activated
  • Anti-S® program activated
  • Prayer program activated
  • 3 computer licenses (allows for activation on 3 computers)
  • Free technical support

Education : 

  • 2 days of Basic education in your native language (if purchased through your local broker)
  • Access to the online basic training at the QX World academy at the starter level (3 parts of 5 hours)
  • Access to online Advanced training at the QX World academy
  • A basic training manual is downloadable in your account on www.qxworld.eu
  • 300 EUR coupon in the QX WORLD Health Academy